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first off, i have never read the manga and have only watched the 2003 FMA anime adaptation and the movie.

ok, at least bones kept true to their word it would be a faithful anime adaptation to its original source. there were many things i was not content with, and some of it is due to how the author wrote the story. i saw the whole 'uniting countries together who were once at war with each other' the moment they revealed ishbal, xing, and drachma (which i get the feeling they will never have a peaceful diplomatic relationship with amestris). i've read and watched many movies and books using that same plotline over and over. i tried to endure it too when mustang was gathering allies to attack central via coup d'etat. again, i saw that coming a mile away. there was no suspense for me until i fully watched the last 2 episodes. i had to skim through episodes, and my inner thoughts were "uh-huh. yup. ok i knew that was going to happen. next! ohhh, fight scene. ok. next!".

as for the anime adaptation itself, there were some episodes i watched all the way through and felt sometimes, if not most of the time, the music was not used or controlled properly in certain scenes or felt out of place. most people underestimate how music can have a major impact during certain scenes. episode 26, for example, was a very powerful scene due to how it was silent until edward popped back out with the ED playing in. again, very powerful.

there is more i would like to write about, but i will end it right here. i have very mixed feelings about the whole thing due to how long the author took to gather allies (snooze fest to me), and various other things. it left a very sour taste in my mouth, so to speak. maybe, as how this board says it, it was not my cup of tea. so i will not give it any rating.
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