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Originally Posted by Snowman24 View Post
That could work you know. Since the scene from Isara's
Spoiler for VC1 spoiler:
to the Bruhl mission had a two week period in between. Yeah, two or was it three weeks passed inbetween the Marberry shore and Bruhl mission.

So who's to say what really happened in those few weeks, it seems perfectly plausible enough that Welkin coulda went on that rage and recovered his mind before the Bruhl mission :P
Originally Posted by Snowman24 View Post
Or Alicia could come charging at him to stop him as he goes on his rampage and he accidentially slashes her across the face or body as he turns around... or maybe even stabs her, but
Spoiler for VC1 spoiler:
You know, I put in some thought about this since I am currently writing my first fanfic somewhere else and it looks to be good although I'm still waiting for reviews (see link in my sig). I will do it after I re-watch the original scene from Legends of the Fall.

It might take me some time because of university papers that I have to do, but I promise it will come up here.
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