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Even if you don't get reviews 'Over There' at the Fanfic site. Still put your previews here. Personal experience, I always get feed back- as to what to change, what is good, what should be written differently, and all of the authors feedback.

I will tell you one thing, I've recently wrote 2 Dragon Age Fanfic, And you know what, the Dragon age fanfic thread over at gets updated EVERYDAY. It's well over 7,000 stories vs the Valkyria Chronicles less than 1,000 stories and even my stories don't get more than 1 or 2 reviews per chapter. So don't fool yourself if your VC fanfics don't get many reviews. There are many other games/stories who still get many, many, sometimes cloes to a 100 new stories per game/day, and you'll still get less than 1 review per story.

The # of reviews don't equal the quality of the story, or as I have always said!
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