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tsuna is by far my least favorite shonen lead ever, he's a whiner, a coward and far too idealistic for my taste. but he's not the reason why i read it, i read it for the arcobaleno and their secrets. it does get better but the fights are all the same. amano akira doesn't really know how to write a proper fight scene so she opts to create these tournament-type battles where the winner gets to gain a prize or something of the sort. it's not like naruto where you get a certain amount of darkness in the plot or one piece where the plot gets pretty complicated and epic after the initial silliness. reborn gets a bit serious after the first few chapters but it doesn't get that serious if you know what i mean. i don't blame you for dropping the manga and i won't convince you to pick it up again.
The first half of the future arc, before the real 6 funeral wreaths were introduced. Why, why, why can't she write something like that again? Even if the fights were still the same, the suspense and plot twists put a completely new edge to the manga...then she went back to tournament thingies ( in this case, the Choice game). I feel somewhat sad that she doesn't write good (better?) material despite her capabilities of doing so.
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