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Haha, Skyrim will also keep me pretty busy once it's released.

But... given the decline to Valkyria Chronicles... I feel less inclined to write... I remember my old reviewers well, a year or so ago; DC20, Mr. Wang, Huhn, and so on *No, I'm haven't forgotten you Runty*

It seems like writing for these stories seems less imporant, now that all the major writers have stopped. I've tried to keep the VC thing going, but since everyone else is stopping... I might just stop as well... none of the old crew reviews or writes anymore and VC has come out a long, long time ago. It was fun to write when the hype was fresh... now adays... far less so.

I think I'm the only regular writer of VC fics to write this admission, most ducked out quietly or ceased without an explanation. Here's mine...
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