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Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
Ok got through the inheritance arc and once again like ronin myael pointed out another tournament fight with a prize in the end. It's like watching the NCAA tournament 24/7. After awhile it'll get boring with the same stuff over and over. Why not toss in something new and give us a brawl out of nowhere that's unsuspecting. Not some predictable A vs B ect ect showdown...
exactly! why not let the guardians fight amongst themselves or have something that would break up that mafia family, create a new kind of tension that has nothing to do with winning something? the whole series is so predictable. and now they're letting the arcobaleno fight this new "tournament". not that i'm complaining, i do want to see the arcobaleno fight as their adult selves, but i know how this would end too. someone will win and no one will die. in the end they'll all be friends.
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