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Fanfiction is about changing the constraints of the world somewhat. Theoretically all students could live and VC2 grabbed hold of that. It was meant for a younger audience. With another roll of the die, Morris may never have seen Colleen more than a few days, or she may have never really gotten the chance to know him. It's basically making a what if scenario.

Giving VC2 a mature flavour in a way would be an even more interesting challenge as you have a better idea as to who the characters are. In the first game there are so many ways to interpret characters it's not even funny.

In the interest of comparison, we take the situation of Karl and Lynn. They're each other's world. One is no longer among the living when the smoke lifts and the firing dies away. How does the one left alive handle his/her grief of their world being shattered so suddenly and violently? We all have different methods of grieving, as our versions of the characters would too. As an example, the primary conflict is the grief over the loss of a loved one, and the resolution is the realization that the bond of love transcends death. How does the character go about reaching the end? Does he/she make it?

It doesn't even have to be a love in the sense of romance, but familial. Not related by blood, but by the comraderie.
Spoiler for VC2 character interaction:
Suppose they didn't have that any more? Let's say Avan became a cripple or bought his plot, or he had a breakdown after losing someone or several in his class due to bad decisions. That could affect Class G significantly, just as Squad Seven might have been affected if things with Lieutenant Gunther panned out differently.
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