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@ Eratas: And that's why they choose to leave.

This may sound cliched, but it's a concept I've been twirling around my head.

Kyuukai has a biological older brother that's about a 3 years older than him. He was born before Daisuke became an arrogant douche. He actually agreed to take care of him when he was born. But he was declared dead upon birth. And was secretly taken to PT for genetic experiments. This was before the IS came into the world.

The procedures left the boy genetically disfigured (in a way I still need to shape out) but left within PT's armed forces to train the best he could. His "death" caused them to divorce. 3 years later, upon the anniversary of their son's death, they did it one more time, conceiving Kyuukai, in their sorrow. And Daisuke cut Yukari from his life for good, not knowing about his ex-wife's pregnancy.

Many years (and women) later, Daisuke meets Kyuukai. And Kyuukai mistakes the regret in Daisuke's eyes (as he remembered his one mistake), for a lack of love or grief of his first wife.

And around Kyuukai's second year at ISA, federal police teams arrest him. Why? Because Daisuke Murakami was brutally assaulted in an attempt on his life. He survived, but witnessesses say a person who looked startlingly like Kyuukai attacked him.

While Daisuke was at the graveyard remembering his lost son with his latest wife and stepdaughter, he looked up at the grave to see a young man who looked just like him at a younger age. And then the man pulled out a knife, and attacked. Police arrived upon the scene, causing the man to flee. And they had time to save Daisuke's life.

This man was Kyuukai's brother. EDEN Project Specimen #19.

Codename: ADAM.

And adopted by the commander of PT. Squall's father.

His name is Asmodeus. Nicknamed Adam. And his job is that of an assassin. And his latest target:

Tabane Shinonono.

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