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@ Eratas: I'm keeping Adam a guy, since who would expect a guy to have such an important part in PT, when males are basically grunts.

Also, Squall's father is the commander/leader figure of the Phantom Task preceeding Squall's reign. The reins get handed over to her after society begins it's shift. Though Squall loves her old man enough to leave him with some control.

It's not like PT uses IS for everything. They still need other work done, even if the present focus is theIS. So, Squall's father runs the remainder of the organizations, such as the mercenary core, the assassins, the drug runners, conmen, and every branch of business both legitimate and illegitimate.

Squall's half may be the beating heart and blood and organs of PT, but her old man with a slowly failing body is the bones, muscle, skin and nerves.
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