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Originally Posted by ~Yami~ View Post
although it will be better if Haruaki isn't too short.... he's already bad enough with being fat....

Spoiler for spoiler:
Actually, Haruaki was the reason the got me into this LN series. I mean, you don't see a main character of a series to be fat in addition of being short in ACG that often unless they are chibi-fied.

That and of course Kuroyuki-hime.

Though with that being said,

I didn't think Haruaki was that short, I mean he is suppose to be short and fat, but I don't member he being that short.

Spoiler for just in case:

As Kuroyuki wasn't as cute as I thought she could be compare to LN drawing.

Originally Posted by Kaioshin Sama View Post
Is that a mecha in the background cause that would suddenly explain a whole lot as to why this is a Sunrise show. Also that dude in the front looks like an anime version of Eric Cartman.

Well that picture got me excited again for maybe 5 seconds before I remembered that this was being written by Yoshino and that now we have to deal with the voice of his recent awful excuse for a main character in Shu Ouma. Yuuki Kaiji also brings with him the track record of another absolutely awful character in Shion from No. 6 and almost seems like the voice actor equivalent of Hiroyuki Yoshino. It's like hiring Yoshino is a sign that you're story is going to be lacking and hiring Yuuki Kaiji is the sign that you're main character is going to be bland, insufferable, and a failure on multiple levels.

Sunrise really better hope they know what they are doing with this staff cause right now both of them are in my dog house and there may be potential here that is likely to be squandered with a bad staff.
This is not a mecha show, but a show about a MMORPG of fighting Genre. Those are character avatars and are operated more like armor suits in IS than mechas.
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