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Originally Posted by DemiSoda View Post
In fact, recently, on a certain thread it's gotten to a point where a mod (will not name) implicitly attacked me and in summary gave me this "if you don't like this show, then stop posting" attitude.
Repeatedly posting that you dislike a show after each episode is bound to get you in trouble. I don't know if that's what happened here, but I've seen it in other series discussion threads. It's one thing to criticize a particular episode on occasion, or the entire premise of a show once or twice, but I've seen people post routinely from week to week just to repeat that they don't like a show. That seems like trolling to me. If you don't like a show, that's fine, but repeatedly stating your dislike for it really has little merit.

I've never really understood why people repeatedly watch a show that they claim not to like. Why not just stop watching it? The only reason I can see is to gather material for yet another critical post in the series thread. Then again, I never watch more than a handful of shows in any season; I find the vast bulk of contemporary anime generic and not worth my time. The discussion threads for the types of shows I do watch (currently Sakamichi no Apollon, Tsuritama, and Uchuu Kyoudai) rarely if ever generate the sorts of vitriolic postings I see in threads for shows like Madoka. The shows I watch generally attract the older members here whose self-esteem does not depend on abusing others from behind an anonymous Internet identity.

I've found that manga readers can be especially annoying when the anime adaptation doesn't live up to their standards, whatever those might be. I stopped following threads for shows like Claymore for exactly that reason.

Also there is that "Report Post" button (the icon with the exclamation point) on each and every posting. If you think someone is being abusive, report him or her to the moderators. That's why the "Report Post" button is there.

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