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I haven't encountered this problem a lot since I don't frequent weekly discussion threads that often, but it's cropped up with surprising frequency when I have.

I've long argued that anime fans need to watch their public behaviour because it can reflect on the fandom as a whole. Well, that applies to interactions with other factions within the anime fandom too. I for one prefer not to represent fans of the shows I like as insular, thin skinned, and fanatical.

Originally Posted by hyl View Post
I did mention earlier that you can't do something about it. Like others have mentioned in this thread, this problem applies for pretty much everything in real life l (like j0x said for sports). It's silly to impose rules to restrict the opinions of people (for either the fans or the critics of the show) and it's probably even harder to enforce them.
You seriously think that it would be hard to enforce?
I for one have no trouble telling what the intent behind replying "if you don't like the show then stop watching" or "what's with all the hate" to every negative critique of a show is. It's intended to harass the opposition into submission and has no place in legitimate discussion.
The mods here have often punished critics for rant-ish or repetitious posts that are insulting or provocative to fans. It's time for the other shoe to drop.

They'll just go to PM? Sure, but it's no longer public. And there's a forward button.

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Edit: and here we go, the neg repping have started. I wish these people would leave names because I'd really like to talk to them.
Clearly, these people don't follow the "What Would Rider (Fate/Zero version, of course) Do?" doctrine.

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