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Last Sinner, I really donít think the problem of people on AnimeSuki trending toward positive discussions has increased in quantity as much as you have said. Before even seeing this as an issue, you have to recognize that the instances of bad behavior revolving around the seriesí detractors and supporters are generally limited to a small part of the audience and the experience regarding criticisms and the responses toward it are not ubiquitous.

Itís only really a small part of the audience that engages in bad behavior regarding criticisms toward a show. Most people usually donít care enough about their favorite anime being attacked to the point where theyíll retaliate as a response to said detraction toward the work. However, you then reach that small percentage of people who donít handle negative comments about a show they like very wellóI would know as I was one of themóand then the discussion about the series can quickly become hostile. The lack of judgment to formulate a proper reply toward a showís detraction becomes further exacerbated by the fact that there exists that other percentage of people who really do post on a showís dedicated forum or thread with the sole intention of irritating its fans. The situation becomes worse still because, as Iíve unfortunately observed, the trollish attackers can become very subtle while the fanatics tend to remain conspicuous and it leads the latter group of people to be singled out while the former group of people play the role of ďinnocent victim.Ē However, despite how severe all of the aforementioned seems to be itís only a small percentage of people involved in the hostilities; on average, AnimeSuki has around 150 members logged in at a time and if even a third of those users were involved in the entirety of the positivism fiasco then the site would be much worse. The small group of people that misbehave tend to get noticed a lot more than the mild-mannered citizens.

Likewise, hostile responses toward someone who makes negative comments about a show or even any part of the series are not ubiquitous. Out of all the shows Iíve ever criticized on its sub-forum or thread, none of them were met with any extreme retaliation, some sparked more curiosity than anything else, while others were received quite well. The only response resemblingóand Iím using resembling very loosely hereóan attack to a negative comment I made was at, of all places, the Fate/Zero forums. Maybe itís just our difference in luck but I have yet to experience any crap from fans whose shows I criticized. Even if one person gets reprimanded for criticizing a work this doesnít necessarily mean the other person who criticizes a show will be told to GTFO as well.

Iím not going to deny the advocacy for positivism can make for stagnant discussion but itís not as numerous as you present it to be. Noticeable yes but not numerous; for example, if I throw a fishing net and catch a three-headed eel then whatís my conclusion? Do all eels have three heads or did I just happen to find a three-headed eel? Likewise, I donít find the more adamant fans of a show to be entirely at fault concerning the issue either. My only suggestion for this problem is to take a step back and realize that vocal minorities are vocal.

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