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Originally Posted by ranran View Post
If they can, please, for the love of god... please do something. I'm getting a lot of hot flames like this one just because I said I didn't want to watch Madoka. And next thing I knew, the whole fanbase is lining up to burn me and flaming me to my internet death

Sorry for being dramatic, but yes, please do something about this.
Lol... you did notice that they were only lightly teasing you on the Madoka thing?
I mean you came in and basicly said "I did not watch Madoka, but...". Some people can't resist if handed such an opportunity on a plate...

The whole subforum/specific series thread thing tends to create an athmosphere that says 'fans only'. This came up in feedback before.
Of course that is not correct, but it seems to be the idea most fans get from having 'their own' thread.
If you tresspass on fan territory they will attack.

Most of these threads are a mystery to me anyways.
What are they discussing in there? You watch the series and that usually stands for it's own.
There is not much to discuss, unless you did not understand some parts and need to ask for advise.
Unless there is a meta discussion going on, I feel unable to make any use of these threads.
Worse if the series is based on manga source material, in which case anything specific gets dominated by people who make suspiciously accurate predictions about the future plotline...
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