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Originally Posted by Dhomochevsky View Post
Most of these threads are a mystery to me anyways. What are they discussing in there? You watch the series and that usually stands for it's own. There is not much to discuss, unless you did not understand some parts and need to ask for advise.
I can think of threads that enhanced my appreciation of a series. The Moribito thread had a long and rewarding discussion about Balsa's relationship to Chagum after the conflict between them near the end. I've been re-reading the thread for NHK ni Youkoso! recently as well and found it to have some sincere, well-grounded differences of opinion about the characters' motivations, Misaki's in particular of course. I've also found it useful to hear our Asian members' impressions of the fraternal issues in Space Brothers. I quickly grew tired of hearing Mutta talk about how the older brother must surpass the younger one, but our Asian colleagues said this touched on deeply-held cultural norms in those societies that I have no contact with as an American. I've also just finished re-watching Ergo Proxy and found some of the commentators in the thread for that show quite helpful in understanding what is a very confusing story and one full of references to philosophy and symbolism.
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