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Animation Quality: 9
Some of the best animation I've ever seen in anime. So much definition, a lot of contrast and vibrant colors, and fast, fluid, awesome action!

Voice Actors: 10
I watched this in English, and it is one of the best English dubs I've ever seen. Every character had so much emotion, you believed it. It's part of what made it possible for me to care for the characters. You felt so much emotion in all of their voices.

Script: 9
Amazing script. Characters were made believable partly because of how good this script was. Characters always held life lessons to tell, and told them with emotion, and in a way where you could get the idea. When anything was explained, it was easy to get. Barley ever was anything left to make you confused.

Soundtrack: 8.5
The music score within the scenes in the anime was usually very good, but it didn't vary too much, and one or two tracks were kind of "Meh..." But, mostly, the tracks were great and added a lot to the emotion when placed with major plot points in the show. But the openings and endings were all great! Usually, with an anime, there's some bad ones - a lot actually. But all these songs were amazing! Really emotional. Very powerful. My favorites are Again, Hologram, Let it Out (the best one, and one of my favorite anime songs ever), Period, and Shunkan Sentimental.

Editing: ?
Never read the manga, so I wouldn't know.

Enjoyment: 10
This anime, I have enjoyed so much, it's almost unfathomable! I LOVE this anime, down to my soul! Enjoyed it the whole way through! Never was a dull point, and the pacing wasn't too fast or too slow! I was interested all the time!

Emotional Involvement: 10
This anime, maybe even more so than my favorite anime, Dragon Ball, has made me feel so much for the characters, and the events happening in the show. I am a 17 year old boy, but I cried like a little kid at so many points during the show! Like I've said, this show is so emotionally powerful, it's crazy! I always felt for the characters so much! They were all great characters. I was glad to have felt for them.

Overall: 9.5
This anime is just amazing. Nearly flawless. This anime will always hold a special place in my heart. <3
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