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Originally Posted by Kyuu View Post
Given this situation:

What will happen here?
I vote for a delicious orgy .

Anyway, its always nice to see cameos of Kiyosumi and Kazekoshi. That particular scene is really informative... so informative to the point of spoiling. They outright implied the result of Kiyosumi's match - a match which is not even finished in the manga.

Beside that, it kinda confirmed that Saki, Nodoka and Yuuki's destination is really the semi-final match venue perhaps Nodoka and Yuuki already knows about about Achiga?

There is one thing that confuses me about that scene though, does Saki's teammates even know the Saki-Teru connection or Nodoka is the only one who knows? There were no hints about it when they were talking and they were viewing the match as a distant observer would...

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