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Originally Posted by Sumeragi
Rewatch Episode 25 of the original series.
Rewatching the original series again . Hmmm... This would be my sixth watch of this particular episode since Achiga aired. If one of Achiga's goal is to make me rewatch the original series for anything I missed or make me pumped up for season 2 its doing a very good job.

Originally Posted by Triple_R
I really don't think many Saki anime fans would appreciate having Saki Episode 25 retconned away. And yet, if the manga never acknowledges what happened in Saki Episode 25... and if there's a later revelation from Saki (to her teammates) about Teru...
As Triple_R said, there are a lot of hanging plot hooks on this particular episode and I hope that nothing would be retconned.

But, if we proceed on the assumption that everything shown in the anime is canon after rewatching ep. 25 then I can think of two possibilities why no one is commenting about the subject.

One is If they believed Teru's words that she has no sister. This neatly explains everything and technically Saki never said that she was Teru's sister nor contradicted Teru's statement. Of course, the problem with this assumption would be that everyone in the hot spring has to be extra dense to miss Saki's obvious reaction to the news. This meant Hisa, Mihoko, Kana, Yumi, Momo, Touka and Hajime probably the most perceptive people of our cast failed their perception check. So yeah, I think this scenario is plausible but very unlikely.

The second assumption proceeds on the basis that the people on the hot spring noticed Saki's reaction. This meant that everyone who was on the hot spring would already know that Saki is Teru's sister. Since, Mihoko also brought up that Teru denies any connection to Saki then everyone in the hotspring should also know that the Miyanaga siblings' relationship is not all sunshine and rainbows at the moment. Thus, perhaps since its clearly a painful and private topic for Saki, Hisa and co. being the good persons that they are avoid talking about it?
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