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So on a different note from the match.

Ako and Shizu's character songs came out, and Ako's "Live-A-Life" is great and slightly energetic , while Shizu's "YES!! Ready to Play" feels very fitting being energetic and a just bit silly I like it . And the shared song contains a lot of mahjong based lyrics, but it's pretty adorable I look forward to Kuro and Yuu's version . I also like how each of the song used minors parts of SquarePanicSerenade in them at times .

P.S. I kinda of hope Toki and Ryuuka get some love in terms of character songs .
Character songs ehh... How about the same VA, diff person view? Still, Ryuuka is the one who take care of Toki in another world though.(3rd one of the 3..., got solo for each too...)

Me: 2 5 8 sou... What I do?
Ako: Sing my song then...
Me: Alright! *After some rounds* I WIN!
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