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However, I believe Nagisa's view on the girls in the selection round is that you won't truly fail unless you give up.

You do not win or lose: you simply follow your dream, until you either reach it, or abandon it.
That's unrealistic. For example in a race, even if everyone do their best, there's only one winner. Someone will fail and that's reality.

It's the same in AKB. Some girls get promoted, others don't, not matter how hard they work. Sometimes you just don't have the right appeal or whatever. The point is that you don't have total control of your fate so doing your best and not giving up doesn't guarantee your success (you still should do your best and not give up though).

To me it's like Nagisa is just refusing to see the problem. And instead of trying to understand what Chieri is going through, she just pushes the issue away. She won't help anyone that way.

Nagisa's reality check will come when Yuuko learns about the 77th performing "Nagisa no Cherry". Yuuko's dream will end in failure and Nagisa will have to face reality. Cue character growth.

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