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So, with this episode, Zeheart comes back full circle. Despite being a complete jerk since given a Gundam, I found it hard not to sympathize with the guy at his last moments. This episode shows how he was basically facing his mid-life crisis. His best friend has been married and happy while he basically sacrificed all of his life and subordinates for a plan that he finds out is all bogus. Not content with having wasted his life and those close to him, he falls farther into madness and sacrifice his closest subordinate, his possible love interest, and himself.

In that sense, I feel that his swift defeat by Asemu, while anticlimactic, is very fitting. He's basically lost everything: his friends, his humanity, and even his purpose. I find it ironic that in Gen 2, Zeheart was the one calling Asemu out for lacking a purpose for fighting (and hence why Asemu couldn't win), and now we have a complete role reversal: Zeheart realizing that he has forgotten his true purpose for fighting, while Asemu is the one with the conviction to protect those he loves.

Its a shame we did not get to explore this side of him until this episode. I really wished the hallucinations with Daz, Dole, and Desil had came up sooner. Having his doubt in himself slowly build up for the 3-4 episodes after accepting as Ezelcant's successor would have made better story-telling. Instead, he goes from being a competent leader for 3 episodes, even gaining his confidence of inheriting Ezelcant's will after defeating Sid, to suddenly drowning himself in guilt and doubt at the beginning of this episode.

Now, onto the other characters:

Jonathan and Leil were basically characters introduced to die. They made some decent fight scenes, so while there isn't really any sympathy for them, they accomplished their job properly.

Obright was definitely badass, having defeated Leil and stalemated with Fram. But you know the guy was going to bite the dust as soon as Diva, his home, was set up as a sacrifice. And lo and behold, he dies along with Diva by the Vegan Death Ray.

Fram... served the purpose she has always been hoping for since her debut in battle. Okay... I honestly think that was crappy writing, not because of her character, but because there was no reason for Zeheart to send her out specifically for this mission. Its like Zeheart specifically chose her so that he could break down at the last 5 minutes of the episode. Why couldn't he have chosen to have another decoy ship with evacuated crew like how Flit evacuated the Diva? Or screw over Zanald by egging him to go after the Diva, and therefore, taking out both of his biggest problems in one swoop?

And what exactly did Fram accomplished? Besides making Flit look like a better commander than Zeheart (which we already knew, since Zeheart lost to Flit in every major battle in Gen 2), nothing. Her love for Zeheart was too one-sided to have any impact. As much as it is mushy romance writing, I would have preferred it if Fram had confessed to Zeheart during their newty--err, X-Rounder moment and Zeheart having realize that he also had feelings for her. It would have made his mental breakdown all the more stronger, and made his line about wanting to be married and getting children all the more fitting. But, alas, the writer decides to just make Fram look sympathetic if only for stupidly following a man who doesn't love her back.

Anyhow, that was a huge wall of text. Looking forward for Zera in action next episode, although for me, this episode was already the finale climax.
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