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And it's perfectly possible for me to assess whether something is good or not. While there's certainly a lot of room for disagreement, if you watch, say, the first episode of Shukufuku De Campanella, you'd have to be an idiot to think that show was any good. At best you can say the character designs are nice, if incredibly generic. Most shows put out there fall into that category.
Oh good, I get to be the idiot who says that he liked Shukfuku no Campanella in both game and anime form. Sure, it was campy and the production values weren't very high-budget, but I enjoyed it. I bought all the Japanese Blu-Rays. It sure is nice to go on a forum and have people tell you you're an idiot just because you have differing tastes.

(Read: Everyone has their own tastes. Pretending that there's some single standard of "objective goodness" is a sure way to make yourself look obnoxious.)
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