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Originally Posted by Mura View Post
Funny the writer switched to passive voice when mentioning his employer's screw up.

Originally Posted by Xaturas View Post
It may be weird but I wanted to watch this for story (That's why I didn't read the manga yet as its mostly about you know what).
However after seeing the preview on sankaku, I'm gonna wait for atx version or br. I may not care about boobs and panties and other ecchi overload, however when 90% of material is aliens trying to give you light signals trough your animu, I'm gonna pass.

Where did go the normal funny censorship, you know the *stickers* most of the time containing some funny faces, some warning or some pet, sticked all over no-no material, that would get unsticked on BR/DVD.
But no after the new law in Tokyo or something, everywhere we get that light rays, which just looks bad. I don't care about censorship, but when 20% of my screen or even more is a white bulb to hide some small part, it gets me pissed.
The reason is that the episode is not censored, but those ugly additions are late minute addition to comply with channels' management directives (but not state laws).

Originally Posted by sapper View Post
ok so i just watched episode 1 and im pretty sure at the end of that flashback momo was giving rito some head wtf? lol
With Momo you will be pretty sure that she does a lot of "this and that" but she doesn't.
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