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Fuck lightbeams. Fuck them to hell. And then covering all of their bodies while giving us man-ass is negative fanservice. I mean really wtf! The first two seasons at least gave us lots of sideboob, upperboob and a little hint of ass. It left enough to the imagination. This here doesn't really leave anything but leaving the bluray. Come on! You could be more creative! Outlines, implied parts, or even just longer leg shots! Even not factoring the lightbeams this is quite poor compared to the fanservice presentation in the first two seasons. They still had the time to have implied vagina shots though. What? Why? I may have to just wait for the bluray, because what is TLR without perv? Nothing! Nothing! The bath scene will be good uncensored at least...

Well, there's Yami, and while always cute just felt really lethargic this episode. There was a hint of character development in her getting too used to Earth and not killing Rito over "ecchi" stuffs. But it wasn't much. The rest of the episode had Momo trying to save the episode with her ass and trying to maneuver it through the censors. It was a futile effort, but she will be remembered for her efforts. The character designs were very good but I didn't think this was a very good first episode at all. Gonna say 4/10-- this is subpar even for TLR standards.

At this rate I may have to watch it for the (actually serviceable plot). Yikes.
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