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Just because Hashirama was stronger than Madara it doesn't mean that his clan is better. The 2 clans were nearly equal, and they were the 2 best clans, that's all we know.
right. i was kind of excluding the uchiha in that statement since i was already talking about them. i meant that we saw a bunch of other clans mentioned around that time period but never the senju who were better than all the rest. they are also arguably better than the uchiha and i would say they are better. their trump card ninja was better than the uchiha's. and the uchiha clearly were subjugated by them. the senju took control, became hokages and madara believed that the senju would eventually wipe them out. that doesn't sound even to me

edit: just reread my original post. i was talking about post-uchiha massacre. so without the uchiha, they are certainly the best clan. if they existed at that time, which i dont think would make sense

BTW i'm really interested why did Hashirama make a deal with a guy who had his clan's members kill each other to gain more power. Sure those were sick times according to this chapter, Hashirama's father saying that sending children into a war to die as ninjas is a sign of love. When you have that sort of love in a clan it's no wonder the clan will soon be extinct
but once hashirama was the older generation he "spoiled" the kids, namely tsunade. so that sounds more like a thriving environment. there needs to be another explanation. once konoha was created i doubt the senju kept sending their kids to war
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