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Originally Posted by itachi-san314 View Post
you're disregarding your own statements. you just recently said hashirama was better than madara, which he was. but he chose not to kill similar to naruto. just because naruto was slightly better than gaara when they fought didnt mean gaara had to die. based on recent events, it seems hashirama didn't have to make a truce at all. tobirama didnt want it
You should read more carefully, this is not about Hashirama and Madara, it's about 2 clans. We see how both of them were children while their clans were already fighting each other. They were not the leaders and they were not the strongest clan members for a long time. Even after they became leaders it's not clear if they were so much above the others, people develop their powers over time, they are not born hokage level.

Let me give an example: Naruto and Gaara fight and Naruto wins and then tries to kill Gaara but then Kankuro defends Gaara by attacking the weakened Naruto with a poison puppet and kills him. But if Naruto decides to spare Gaara and then Kankuro and Temari take him back to sand village then does that mean Naruto could have destroyed the enemy just because he was slightly better than the enemy's leader? What i mean that even if Hashirama was stronger than Madara that doesn't mean that all the other MS/EMS users of the Uchiha clan couldn't have balanced out the clan wars. You simply assume that Hashirama could destroy the Uchiha clan by himself, but we don't know if that's true, and most likely that is not the truth that Kishimoto wants to tell us.

I understand that power level differences are too extreme in this manga, and that often makes team efforts and the existence of large organizations unrealistic. I mean even Deidara could have destroyed the whole sand village by dropping first a large invisible bomb with his micro-bombs that can't be detected and then finish them off with a large super-bomb that Gaara stopped with his sand. Akatsuki could have destroyed each village one by one by ganging up on them. So it's pointless to base our discussions on rational deduction based on the assumption that these guys would use their super-powers in the smartest possible way, instead it's better to base the discussion on what the author wants us to think. If the author says that an organization (Uchiha or Senju clan) is strong and matters more than one individual then i rather go with that instead of discussing how Hashirama could have destroyed all the existing clans one by one.

Originally Posted by itachi-san314 View Post
easy problem to fix. make an uchiha the second hokage over tobirama. or the third hokage... or the fourth... nope all senju and senju disciples. no matter how you want to frame it, it isn't fair to the uchiha who as you just said were "equal partners". not only that, but they should have had uchiha elders and made an uchiha equal in leadership to danzo over the root division
That doesn't fix the problem, there's one hokage and that's it. As for what happened after Hashirama died we will probably see that in some future flashback chapters. Sure things didn't go as he wanted to, which in the end caused Sasuke's revenge story.
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