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Minato was made hokage before Itachi's birth or around that time, when he died Itachi was about 5-6 years old. So the 3rd should have made him the 5th hokage, i wrote about this a few chapters ago when the 3rd had his flashback on this matter. So i think we agree that Itachi should have been the 5th to avoid what happened after. But at that time the relation of the village and the clan was already very bad.
yea you're right. i had the timeline goofed up. itachi should have been the 5th after minato's death and prior to the massacre. probably when negotiations broke down between kohona and the uchiha. konoha should have given an inch and made itachi hokage, but as usual senju, senju, senju disciple, senju disciple, ...senju

for the record i don't question hiruzen or minato being hokages at all. also, i dont question tobirama's ability to be hokage. i question the poor judgment of excluding the uchiha (1 of the 2 founding and best clans) from being a leader of the village ever, particularly for the seat of second hokage. no matter what the 2nd hokage would be strong enough being from senju or uchiha and divvying the power up between clans would have been the politically savvy decision

~on a side note i dont think i ever wrote a sentence with 2 words containing double v's...
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