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If that didn't happen then Obito wouldn't be as strong, it was explained that very strong emotions are needed to evolve the eye to MS. Rin's death was probably a huge powerup for Obito. Itachi's reason to torment Sasuke is to make him stronger, so that he would be strong enough to survive all the shit that comes against him when Itachi can't defend him any more, namely Danzou and his minions and later Madara. Sure if there was another way to make Sasuke stronger and thus give him a chance to survive then Itachi's behavior towards Sasuke would not make any sense.
yeah the uchiha figured out that there is power in hate...knowing this, yeah, itachis actions and subsequently sasukes dive into the darkness makes a bit more sense. but i imagine there is another way, itachi just didnt trust that it would work. ultimately, as tobirama dreamed, the uchiha powers will be harnessed for the good of the village and the world...sasukes role will be to fulfill this

as an aside, i wonder if the color of susanoo is based on the emotion driving it...itachi wasnt driven by hate and his is a lighter color
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