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Originally Posted by Kamijou_Touma View Post
she doesn't have that many, last time I heard, compared to my collection, she doesn't even have half the amount I have.

I think she's got around 10 - 12 tanks total. compared to my 50+ tanks combined with my other account.
I currently have 19 and plan on going to 20 max, but could change in the future.

T54E1, Centurion 7/1(114k xp), FV215b, Tortoise(65k xp), Lowe, Lorraine 40t, AMX50 120(85k xp), AMX 50Foch, T29, PzIV, PzIVS, VKDouchebag, TigerP, Hetzer, Ferdi, AMX 13 90, KV-1S, KV-2, IS-3(132k xp)

New addition will be Indien and eventually Leopard 1. I have 9 German crews sitting in barrack with over 175% perks ready for use.

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