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Okay, so here's my current Garage, by tier, post-x5 Weekend:

X- None, thankfully. Wanna take my time on this one.
IX - E-75
VIII - Tiger-2, IS-3, AMX 13 90, T-44, Centurion mk-I
VII - Comet, T-43, IS (all currently without crew due to lack of cash)
VI - VK 3601 H, KV-1S, AT-8, Type 62 (yep, I bought it, now I can use that Chinese crew!)
V - M4 Sherman, PzIV, StuG III, T-34, Churchill mk III
IV - Grille, Char B1 bis
III - Pz38 (t)
II - Pz35 (t), T1E5

I think I have a lot of CB-capable tanks, so I suppose it boils down to scheduling and getting the VOIP. I'm going to dive headlong into my Master's Thesis writing this term onward though, so I can't really say I can allocate as much time during the weekend as I usually do.

One more day to this madness. Good luck everyone, and lets hope our stats come out on a positive than in the red!

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