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Hmmm....difficult question there.

Personally, I'm a science-side guy. Magic-side is enticing but I would need a lot of time and do a lot of research beforehand to make a magic-side OC. I can do that, but I have very little reason to given how my story is progressing.

Still, to answer the question presented, can I cup my hands together as I hold the gel? XD Joking aside, um, I'd say that would be pretty damn gamebreaking if you ask me. But, from what I understand, doing so is extremely damaging on the body and can kill you; but in exchange the amount of power you get is astounding. Look at Aqua during WWIII. He sapped all the Telesma of an Angel, but the process of doing that nearly killed him.

Again, I'm a science-guy, but I'm still convinced that being capable of doing what your implying would be ground-breaking.
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