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I guess so, basically the team up of the PSP exclusive characters (The Materials, the Florian Sisters and Yuri Evelwin all under the wing of a now-living Grantz Florian). Given that Grantz is a professor and the sisters Kyrie and Amitie were androids in the games i think that was one of the reasons of their theme being "Industry".

EDIT: That means character cards can be used in any postion? Guess that would make those like character cards in Weiss Schwarz where it can be used at different spots and acquire different functions and effects depending on the role they're playing.
That's right. However, its' more simple than Weiss Schwarz as the ace bonus is quite direct and easy to understand. It's the battle skill that is troublesome as some provide additional damage base on Attack or Defense stat that you have while some increase your stats or reduce you enemies. Kinda of fun if you asked me.

It seems that the Industry will be having their event this month where Diarche, Stern and Revi need to complete their school project. The sisters, Yuri and MC will join them as assistants so I'll update if there is anything interesting.
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