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So the game have real time scheduled special events?
Yep. The event for Yagami bookshop is the MC helping out to get old books for the store to sell while the event for T&H is to act as a guardian for the girls as they tour around Brave Duel shops to improve their skills. This month is the MC helping out with Diarche and gang's school project.

Interetsing to see how different Diarche is here as compared to the game. In the game, she is King in title but required Stern to do the thinking and the leading. Whereas in the Innoncet Universe, not only can she lead, but she can think as well and push the rest gently to work towards their goal. Add in the fact that she cooks well and care for the family, she is really wife material.

Isn't it sad Hayate? Where your characteristics have been absorbed by Diarche and only the racoon portion is emplified?
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