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Originally Posted by brightman View Post
Its true. Its not a broadcast rule but a production agreement with MBS, which was the broadcaster and co-producer for Seed, 00, and AGE.

Those shows are too new and my guess is it was to protect MBS and prevent Sunrise from taking one of those shows and producing a sequel with a rival company (which TV Tokyo, the broadcast for Gundam BF, is) within a specified period of time.

Unicorn and Gunpla Builders weren't produced by MBS so that's why they can be on this show even though they came out after Gundam 00.
Man talk about BS copyright rules sunrise rarely make sequels to any CE series and as fare as I'm aware Seed was the only exception. This sounds almost as bad as the situation with Marvel selling their movie copyrights to fox and sony only to be unable to get them back.
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