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Originally Posted by Duo Maxwell View Post
Throughout the episode, I think Sunrise did hint that she will come back as a modeler. She was able to analysis Sei's gunpla, and she could tell that his gunpla are top notch when she was visiting Sei's shop. Furthermore, there is her question that she doesn't even know if she's an idol or a modeler, and how she keeps on sticking with the GM (the Gerbera Tetra wasn't built by her) both in her conversation and her flashback made me think she doesn't hate Gunpla.

Then we have Mr.Ral's last words toward her. I have a strong feeling she will return, for a better. Hopefully it will be Mihoshi, not Kirara.
Because she looks better as Mihoshi?

Fact is how her Mihoshi looks are getting more fanarts than her Kirara look XD
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