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Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo View Post
I loathe the common term "generic shoujo," since it seems to ignore the fact that shounen shows are much more generic. Fighting in every one, and a boy striving to be a man. Yawn. But it is definitely shoujo, so if one doesn't enjoy shoujo romance, this isn't a good choice.
Firts thing first... Are you implying that all shonen manga strictly follow the same path of a generic shonen jump action title? It's a totally wrong assumption, completely out of sign. And as for myself, I never liked that kind of format, even as a Kid, when all my friends where bewitched by Saint Seiya, Okuto no Ken and such (no there was no dragon ball or Naruto at that time ). Hell, even Sayonara zetsubo Sensei is a shonen.

Second, I've read (not only watched anime adaptation) plenty of shojo, dozen of them actually, from cult classic from Ryoko Ikeda (Versaiiles no Bara, Oni-sama e) or Suzue Miuchi (Glass no Kamen) to more recent authors like Clamp or Ai yazawa to name few. So it's not that I don't know of what I'm talking. That's probably why now I tend to prefer Josei, usually more mature and composed in storytelling.

I have even read a second volume of Kimi ni Todoke, and now, at least, I understand because is famous, definitively more pathos and thing that move in the right direction to grab the attention but (yeah, there is a "but") if possible I Like it even less than before. Because seems to me, again, a generic romance in substance and development, like many other I've read about.

(I fear I pushed my poor english to the limits, so I apologies for this mess )
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