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Originally Posted by Toku View Post
One thing I've found quite interesting is that, thus far, Battler has never witnessed Shannon and Kanon at the same time, not even once. Did you already figure out the ShKanon theory when you wrote Forgery? I didn't understand it until I read EP7, and even then it took me a while to sort through that information properly.

Also, the multi-layered nature of the game board seems to be followed to the letter. All of the main premises of Beato's game board seem to be here, and that's why I was confused as to exactly how much it does differ.

But, I really must say, this is already easily within the top 5% of fanfiction. Usually, when I'm looking for a good fanfic, I have to sort through mountains of crap first, so the fact that my first Umineko fanfic is a good one, is quite refreshing.
I'd rather not say. But I'll tell you that I didn't figure out Shkanon myself, I had read it from a certain Umineko theories board first. In fact I liked several theories I found there and were subtly included in Forgery as the truth. I even took a theory Jan-Poo had created about the epitaph and merged it into the story.

I'm glad it seems to reflect Beato's game, as that was one of my goals at the time. I hope you're able to see past the illusions though, as not everything is quite the same.

Anyway I'm also glad you like Forgery so much, but don't get too excited. I really was an amateur at the time, seeing as my writing really improved in the later games. It's embarrassing for me to go back and read Forgery, it's not nearly as good as the others in my opinion.
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