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EDIT: Not only that but you already had the epitaph figured out before reading EP7. I cannot express how amazing that is to me.
To be fair, that's Taiwan Theory, which was posted when EP3 was recently released in Japanese. Sooo EP7's reveal wasn't much of a surprise to a lot of people, except for "holy shit we were right."

One thing I've found quite interesting is that, thus far, Battler has never witnessed Shannon and Kanon at the same time, not even once. Did you already figure out the ShKanon theory when you wrote Forgery? I didn't understand it until I read EP7, and even then it took me a while to sort through that information properly.
Similarly, people were guessing Shkanon since EP2. EP6 just made it ultra-obvious, but the only reason it didn't become commonly accepted is because a lot of people think it's really stupid.

Anyway I'm also glad you like Forgery so much, but don't get too excited. I really was an amateur at the time, seeing as my writing really improved in the later games. It's embarrassing for me to go back and read Forgery, it's not nearly as good as the others in my opinion.
It's still better than most Umineko fanfiction. :P It's a convincing Forgery.
When the Silent Spirits Cry: An Umineko/Silent Hill crossover fanfiction
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