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"Small bombs were not involved at all with the First Twilight! Think of some other weapon!"
"Okay... Big bombs were forced into Eva and Hideyoshi's mouths."

I found that hilarious. Good job.
The credit goes to the /seacats/ forums. When the tea parties go down, they represent an entire forum arguing against Kinjo as the Gamemaster to find out the truth of his game. Then he takes the whole thread and rewrites it into a Battler/Beatrice-style battle.

The thing is... Didn't you already confirm that ShKanon is being used in this game board? Because actually, this story doesn't work unless ShKanon is false. Otherwise, how did Shannon die from two gunshot wounds and the resulting blood loss and Kanon get shot in the knee and still be able to get up and leave the Chapel? If there's only one body, that's kind of... >_>;
Shannon and Kanon are separate. They got in a gun-fight in the chapel with Jessica and George.

I'm not sure if your Dlanor is using the Decalogue quite right. And she keeps popping up at all of the most random times. Also, Battler keeps on using theories that have already been denied in Red. I don't think these are major problems or anything though.
see above. Battler represents a whole forum. Dlanor was just when Kinjo was quoting Knox rules for his users.
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