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So I finally got to watch Aquarion Evol today after having no sleep (from doing an essay the last minute) and having an exam early this morning to boot, and what does Aquarion Evol give me...A new kick ass (quite all over the place) OP...Zessica's confession (which I was completely dying from)...and Mikono's (huh? attitude)...seriously I was going to start shipping Shu Shu x Amata after this episode aired (aw he was so cute when buying those things for Shu Shu)...I mean come on Shu Shu can like Amata all he has to do is growl a little bit and lick him LOL...I was really impressed with the Sousei No Aquarion flashbacks (that was awesome!!) now we know that the Apollo x Silvia story changed ALOT in the 12,000 yrs and yes people stories change and so does the imagery...and is it just me or does Aquarion look very pansy with the heart wings? LOL ( I was like ooohhh it's CUPID) XD
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