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Originally Posted by pingva View Post
Apparently know one in this show can see their past life memories: it's either Mykage plays with you or Aquarion shows it to you.
At last they are going to let Zessica to move on.

Glorious preview tells that Mykage decide to take some actions in his own robot.
Who says she's going to move on ?

I say she still has a chance. If not then her being in love with Amata makes no sense plot wise.

And why should she move on while her feelings for Amata are stronger that what is going on between Amata and Mikono.

Now if by move on you're implying she's going to stop being gloomy, I certainly hope so.

Originally Posted by frubam View Post
Well, I gotta say, that confession from Zessi was certainly unexpected. I pretty much sidelined her in terms of romantic chances. I just hate it when unrequited love goes completely unnoticed, but this at least gives me a bit of hope that Amata will look her way at least once, even if it won't end in them being together.

Also any ideas as to who is the guy(girl?) they showed in the opening?

It's one of Altea's promotionnal posters to encourage people to "join the army".
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