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Originally Posted by D a m i e n View Post
seeing stuff like naruto bleach and one piece in first place makes me sad in the pantz
One Piece always deserves to be very in the top spot. Bleach on the other hand... well hey at least it's good for h-doujins so that should make you happy in the pantz. Oh and HXH like DBZ lol the only simiraties is how the main villain looks like Cell but other then that not even close in plotlines for the fact there's an actual plotline in HXH.

Anyways about HL I doubt that Shonen Jump gives a rat ass about the quality of the series if their readers aren't interested in reading it what makes you think their gonna keep the series? Same goes if the manga-ka had a previous popular series you think their gonna keep the series because of that? Hell they've cancelled not just one but two series by the guy who made Kenshin which was very popular but his next two works weren't all that popular so they got the axe. The author of HL is no different her previous may have been popular but what matters is her current work which isn't popular at all. So the series getting the axe isn't all that surprising if it isn't doing good at all.

Shame though would have loved if the series lasted a bit longer since I cared for several of the characters. I think it would have been a better idea if the manga-ka had introduced the characters in mini-acrs instead of just one chapter because it would have made the readers easier to remember the characters and would have gotten to know the characters better as well. Oh and the fact that there was too many damn characters didn't exactly help either.

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