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Originally Posted by Harufox View Post
Wow, that's lovely. Think about it, the Poles are going to launch American missiles from Russian Soil.
Near Russian soil (Poland/Russia border), you mean? It's MAD all over again, it seems. Do the Western (EU will need to give its implicit okay as well) strategists think of an impending attack by Russia is forthcoming, though, or are they worried that the current Russia, for example, is going to lose control of its weapons/troops?

Originally Posted by Kamui4356 View Post
Export ban for useless 'bomb detector'

Apparently, a British company has been selling fake bomb detectors to the Iraqi government and making millions. They had to know that doing this would get people killed, but they still sold them. Welcome to capitalism.
/shrugs You had the milk contamination scandal in China not too long ago as well. IMHO, all -ism's (like capitalism, communism and socialism) are now no longer as "pure" as they could be, but rather corrupted by greed, selfishness and stupidity. Oh, well. I wonder who got bribed on the Iraq side to let this "product" through the purchasing process, though.
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