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If each world was like kakera in Higurashi, this kind of character development (especially Shannon's) would be hard to justify. But from the authorial system in Umineko, it's merely the authors developing the characters, especially as they got to know more about them (through research, etc.)
This is an interesting standpoint, because it provides an alternative to the previous two options people had for the "remembered" memories.

Before, we just had:
  • Those memories aren't real, Shannon and Kanon don't really remember.
  • Those memories are real, they must remember previous worlds.
Naturally, either is a bit dissatisfying to many. What you're saying, and what ep6 may or may not be hinting, is the following possibility instead:
  • The episodes, being fictional stories written in order, develop as the author's understanding of the characters (and possibly BUT NOT NECESSARILY the real people!) deepens.
In other words, if you honestly believe a writer's understanding of Shannon/Kanon and George/Jessica is deepening over time, then their capacity to write in the relationship also matures. Of course they can't take back the earlier, less refined episodes; what is written is written. They can only refine as they move ahead.

But in that case... what has Battler been seeing? Who is Meta-Battler?
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