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Originally Posted by Judoh View Post
This is making me think that the person (the real person not the meta character) who writes episodes 4- 6 is probably a ghost writer since only 3 bottles were found. I guess we could say that means hachijou is the ghost writer I don't know.
Hachijou claims to have been the writer of EP3-6. Now... there's no guarantee what she says is true. 8) Or that she is even a good writer. 8)

Anyways, regardless of what's going in the real world, I was thinking we could try solving the mystery from this end.

If you take all the clues from the episodes to sort back to the truth that they're hinting to, that would be a bottom up approach. Instead, if you go top-down, you work out who the mystery writer is and work out what that writer wants you to know? So... who could be the writer? It is someone with feminine writing, a relationship with Maria and has intimate knowledge of the situation, right? Shannon? Kanon? Kumasawa?
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