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If you take all the clues from the episodes to sort back to the truth that they're hinting to, that would be a bottom up approach. Instead, if you go top-down, you work out who the mystery writer is and work out what that writer wants you to know? So... who could be the writer? It is someone with feminine writing, a relationship with Maria and has intimate knowledge of the situation, right? Shannon? Kanon? Kumasawa?
I like this idea! It sounds so interesting! What I've been suspecting is that the end of Umineko is going to be where Ange finds the truth and solves the mystery in 1998. Since there is very little evidence in 1998 of a murder scheme, and a lot of evidence for it to be an accident it seems like a better idea to find a way for her to solve it, which would take a miracle since all the evidence was destroyed except for Maria's jaw, mammon, and the bottles.

It also explains why Meta Ange reappears and talks to Featherine in episode 6. It's kind of like Durarara. Mikado was that pseudo protagonist he was made to look like the protagonist and was given a lot of character development in the novel, but the real protagonist turned out to really Celty Strulson the Duhullulin. In Umineko the real protagonist should be Ange if we go by this kind of writing . Actually this happens in Higurashi too! Keiichi was the fake protagonist and we learn that Rika is the real protagonist of the story later.

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