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TBQH, TSM looked terrible today. I was hoping at least for a CLG vs TSM rivalry match in the quarters, but alas they did bad. Curse deserved third place for doing well even though they have a ringer.

As for EHOME, I really do think it was nerves. One thing playing at home or on your own home country, but on the grand finals in a foreign country? Yeah, pressure....

Tomorrow, Curse vs CLG. Elementz and Doublelift against their old teams lols. CLG will probably win, since curse is without IMO their most technically skilled player, PRObelter. Big fan of crumbzz, though not as much as Saintvicious.

As for M5 vs AaA, I think AaA has the advantage as I keep hearing that AaA is specialized in that they know how to play against the european teams.

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