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Well yeah the writers are at fault, however that doesn't change that Zessica was set up to lose to Mikono. Thus they hate Mikono since if she wasn't there than there would be no reason Amata wouldn't be pushed to Zessica as far as they're concerned. Though it is sad the writers failed hard with this that even Amata's VA would rather Amata get with Zessica than the Lead Heroine.

Anyone else starting to believe that Zessica could very well be OVA Reika? They also have similiar names and a lot of bad luck thrown their way.
How is it Mikono's fault that Amata is dead set on her? Amata being blind to the fact that Zessica is a sexy girl who makes awesome troll faces is not Mikono's fault but Amata himself. Although, unlike what most of her fans imply, him not liking her doesn't mean that he's the worst person ever. He's just a person who knows what he wants, nothin wrong with that. But I can see why alot of Zessica fans are pissed at her. :/

He said ,"Things'd be smoother if Amata and Zessica got together." Which is true. There would be no Amata/Kagura conflict. I mean, why would Kagura fight him if he already has his wench? Mykage wouldn't have a body. How could he trick her if she was already content with her life? But then, there would be no plot.(Amata's love for Mikono is the thing that got this show started afterall..:/) And we can't have that can we? :/
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