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It doesn't matter, she's the rival to Zessica for Amata who happens to be the winner no matter what. Fans are angry over this because Mikono has done jacksquat for the relationship she's going to win in by default while Zessica has done everything right but because Mikono has to win, because she's the end game pair for Amata, it means that Zessica must lose(And lose hard). Thus Fans hate Mikono for that since her winning by default leaves a bad taste in everyones mouth since she has done nothing to work towards her "Happy Ending" compared to Zessica.

Even is Amata got wit Zessica I highly doubt that he would let a strange wolf man take Mikono away to a strange planet that they later learn turns women into men. Mykage would be screwed in this but it's Mykage, he would think of something to get what he wants.
We can all agree that Mikono is passive. She was supposed to switch into an active role but she hasn't yet, due to plot reasons. A major character (Kagura) thrives off of Mikono's indeciveness. If Mikono was dead set on Amata from the beginning, what was the point of creating him when his sole exsistance is to be a a rival for Amata/cause confusion within Mikono's heart/be Mykage's pawn.. While in contrast with Zessica, who was set up for heartache so that she could provide Mykage with a body. And I've already said that I see why Zessica fans are mad. I'm not blind, anyone can see that she's been given the short end of the stick. If the point of this discussion is to convince me to hate Mikono, then it's pointless, even with her many faults I haven't given up on her yet. I'm sure she will take an active role soon. Don't quote me on this though.

If you can say that Amata would get together with Zessica if Mikono wasn't around, then I'm sure that Mikono would get together with Kagura if Amata wasn't around. So does Amata really have a say in regards to a guy she wants to be with? Sure, Mykage could've used Yunoha when she was depressed because of Jin's death, but he didn't. Zessica is special, to him atleast.

Originally Posted by Radik View Post
That's not her fault, but she doesn't do anything other than maintaining the status-quo in her relationship with Amata, despite knowing full well she's hurting both Zessica and Amata in the process. That's the real problem with her character. Zessica is the polar opposite of Mikono in that regard and repeatedly tries to change her situation and make something happen, but is constantly being punished for it. It's basically exactly the opposite of what you'd expect from a show like this.
Yes, at first she didn't break the status quo because of personal reasons. She admits that her non-action has hurt people, and says that she gonna do something about it. Why hasn't she done something about it yet? Because the plot said so. =.=

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