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Amata, Mikono and Zessica: Victims of weak character development.

P.S. I'm a Zessica fan too, and it sucks to see her get crapped on but I can't blame Mikono for it. I don't think Mikono is a bad character, I do think she's dangerously bordered on being a MacGuffin at times, but my problem with her is that she is too passive and hasn't really shown why she's so important. She has shown that she is caring and nice, but aside from being Celiane's reincarnation, what is her defining trait? What makes Amata risk his life for her? What makes Kagura so obsessed with her? Why should we care about her?

That is one of things that disappoints me so much about Evol. In a story that is very character driven, they drop the ball in developing the main characters.

For Amata: Why should we care about his past? Why should we care about his feelings for Mikono? Why should we want him to succeed? Yes he's willing to take on the world for Mikono, and that is admirable but why should we care?

Zessica's case: A lot of attachment to her could be considered pity. Yes, she did do the confession in episode 16 and the kiss in episode 21 but really a lot of the attachment and support for her could be considered out of pity. She's the underdog, the hopeless suitor. People like the underdog. She did have a good personality at first but she eventually became this chronic depressed, overly-dependent girl, that has been dragged through the dirt. This got her sympathy with the fans but it doesn't make her a good character.

I would like to know how other fans feel about this.

I'm sorry if my thoughts aren't organized and if this post seems like a rant.

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